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Humanitarian Shipments

We may not be able to completely end the wars and destruction in the Middle East, but we can certainly help those affected by it. Over the past couple of years, we have been routinely sending 40-foot long shipping containers to countries like Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt to help those displaced by the conflict in their countries. These containers are filled with donated medical supplies, blankets, clothing and toys for refugees.


Humanitarian Aid

ROS has conducted medical relief missions to the most impoverished places in the Middle East, including parts of Egypt and Jordan. Our goal is to evaluate and treat patients who need it most, along with donating medications accordingly. These mission trips and the healing they provide have greatly improved social conditions in the local regions.



Our vision is to create an online platform to educate and empower survivors of the oppression of ISIS for a better future. This is founded on the premise of freedom of expression, testimony, and resilience aimed at establishing an online network for Christians, Yazidis, and other minority survivors of religious persecution globally.



We are always seeking to share the stories of those we are working with and serving, especially the stories that are not often heard. Our ROS Vice President and Attorney, Jacqueline Isaac, is our primary spokesperson for advocating for those affected by the danger of ISIS. She has spoken in front of the US Congress, UK Parliament and the United Nations on behalf of displaced people and victims of the genocide ISIS has caused through the Middle East.