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Our awareness efforts ensure that the voices and needs of women and minorities in the Middle East are heard and responded to. ROS representatives have called on governments and communities to take action through the use of media, music, and events. Our stories have been covered by outlets across the globe including C-SPAN, BBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, AL-ARABIYA, EFE, and many more.

BBC airs ROS footage used as evidence in the U.S. Congress and UK Parliament determining that the persecution of minorities in the Middle East by the hand of ISIS is genocide. UK Parliament has used testimonial evidence by the ROS team to pass this genocide resolution. View the footage here below:

WYD Keynote Speaker:

Jacqueline Isaac on Genocide of Christians in the Middle East:

Human rights lawyer and Roads of Success Vice President, Jacqueline Isaac, shares her experience in working with Christians in the Middle East who are targeted by ISIS. Jacqueline also emphasizes the importance of preserving religious freedom around the world.

Jacqueline Isaac’s Interview with John Snow:

British news anchor Jon Snow featured Jacqueline Isaac on the Channel 4 News. Jacqueline called on the United Kingdom for two things- that they declare what is happening to Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East as genocide, and to allow girls rescued from ISIS into the UK through asylum.

Global Catholic Network Interview:

ROS Vice President Jacqueline Isaac speaks with EWTN News Nightly in telling the world what we can do to bring an end to ISIS. Jacqueline continues to advocate for ways to bring peace and justice to the Christian and Yazidi people who have been abused by ISIS.

Featured on The Guardian:

UK urged to give asylum to 100 women who fled ISIS captivity in Iraq. Read the article here

Featured on United Nations:

UNCA Press Conference with lawyers from Roads of Success on victims of persecution from ISIS captivity and advancing religious minorities and women’s rights across the Middle East. Read the article here

Featured on Middle East Eye:

Impregnated, brainwashed, and broken: The misery of IS sex slaves. Read the article here

Featured on Rome Reports:

Egyptian-American Human Rights activist is helping rescued girls that were in ISIS captivity. Read the article here and watch the video below:


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