Clinic in Northern Iraq Update

Our partners in service,
We thank God for being able to serve the medical needs of the people in Northern Iraq through our clinic. During the previous two weeks, supported by your unflagging prayers for us, we were able to continue with our services.
We were able to accomplish the following:

  • We serviced more than 111 patients in our clinic in northern Iraq.
  • We provided medical services at our clinic to the women who were examined by a gynecologist and given the needed medicines and vitamins.
  • Over the past two weeks, we have served about 700 young men and women in our playground.

Thank you for your partnership in providing greatly needed medical and psychological services to the displaced in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.
Please pray for us and for the service so that it may continue to prosper and grow and we ask you to also pray for the people and for them to see Christ in us.

You can bring help and healing to our Clinic in Northern Iraq now!: Donate to our Clinic in N.Iraq 

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Clinic in Iraq
Aid in Iraq
Clinic in Northern Iraq Update
Clinic in Northern Iraq Update

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