Yvette Issac will be speaking at Cindy Jacob’s conference

Stay Tuned!

We are pleased to announce that Yvette Issac,the founder of Roads of Success, will be speaking at Cindy Jacob’s conference on Saturday, November 12 at 02:35 PM!

This year, the theme of the event is Authority over Chaos. The Global Prophetic Summit is the opportunity to hear from many prophets across the world. The theme this year is Authority over Chaos. There is no question that Satan is attempting to interfere with your life, thwart your destiny, and shake up nations. Global Prophetic Summit will provide you the tools you need to courageously thwart the enemy’s schemes and unleash God’s purposes for you.

This conference can be a turning point in your life. We encourage you to attend the conference and listen to Issac’s speech.

More info here: https://globalpropheticsummit.com/


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