You can bring hope, joy, and the love to refugee this Easter!

Do you remember the carefree joy of being a kid – being able to run, jump, climb trees, and ride bikes without a care in the world? Do you remember the long hours spent playing in the backyard free of worry, or making relationships without apprehension or fear?

For millions of children in the Middle East and Ukraine, that joy has been taken from them through war which has ceased adequate food distribution and entertainment.  Millions of children around the world are living in terrifying conflicts. They are torn from standard boarder, from home, without food, water or help, and witness things no child should. In addition, those children lack the proper nutrition, education, and stimuli that allow them to just be kids! Those children are forced to move into displaced or refugee camps, where they wait for years in miserable circumstances for normal life to resume. Further, many girls are raped and will be marginalized by her society.

You can make a difference!

Last year we were able to give out 450 Easter baskets filled with toys and treats to children in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Northern Iraq. The excitement, smiles, and joy those baskets brought helped the children to temporarily forget their circumstances and behave like the kids they are!

We humbly ask that you embrace the war-affected children in the Middle East and Ukraine this Easter. Our goal is to give out 1000 Easter baskets at events where children hear the good news.

Just $25 is all that’s needed to fund a basket to help bring hope and joy to a child’s life this Easter.

Also, a team from Roads of Success is going next week to Hungary and Poland to serve the orphan Ukrainian refugees there. To feed 100 orphan children for one week, it would cost $3,000!

We are thankful for your support and prayerfully ask that you would partner with us in this effort by donating. Any amount is appreciated.


To donate online, please click the donate button below


or mail a cheque to:

Roads of Success.
P.O. Box 944.
Duarte CA 91010


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