Women’s Economic Empowerment in Upper Egypt

In Egypt, women’s economic empowerment is a national priority. Empowering women is pivotal to increasing economic growth and reducing poverty. In the same line, the protection and promotion of women in the Middle East is critical to the ROS agenda. We are committed to promoting women’s rights and protecting them against exclusion.  Therefore, the ROS initiates a tailoring and sewing course for women in Upper Egypt as a solution to improve their status and to ensure  their accountability. 

In our program, village women in Egypt are taught sewing and stitching skills to help them earn livelihood. We believe that societies thrive when women have equal access to services and resources. 

The tailoring course aims to:

  • Covert poor unskilled or semi skilled women into skilled tailors,
  • Provide regular monitoring and skill-based training to sustain income generation activities,
  • Enable women to increase their income in order to secure their livelihoods,
  • Support women-led entrepreneurship and promote their linkage to the market,
  •  Enhance rural women’s participation and leadership in their communities,
  • Effective enforcement of women’s right and access to decent wage employment,
  • Ensure social protection,
  • Promote women’s economic empowerment,
  • Reduce migration.

Your donations are much appreciated as it will support us to create more local projects and make a change to the global scale. 

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