TV Programs

Through our TV programs, we seek to influence women, children, and minorities across the Middle East. We have been able to reach 350 million people in 21 Arabic speaking countries across the globe. These programs have been broadcasted across 10 television satellites resulting in 3 million responses from viewers through social media, prayer requests. 

In her first episode on “From Heart to Heart”, Yvette focuses specifically on the work we have done in Iraq, along with explaining the conflict in the Middle East, and ways we seek to bring healing there. In Yvette’s “Maraa Fadela” Program, her goal is to to meet the psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of women and families in the Middle East in a manner that would strengthen or open them up to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our focus is to strengthen family ties and empowering the persecuted Christians. These programs educate and empower viewers on topics of Christianity and social issues. They raise awareness of the social and educational needs of women and their families.

You can watch more of these episodes on Yvette Isaac’s Youtube channel. Here at ROS, we also have our own Youtube channel that one can follow many more stories of individuals we have come to know and love.