ROS Weekly Update Dec 2022

Our dear partners, ROS is happy to report that the container shipment to the Ukraine has arrived and distribution has started, which will be a huge blessing to those in need.

We also provided our weekly clinic service in Sigy, Iraq where 41 patients were given treatment.

We are excited to share that Yvette and Jacqueline Isaac spoke at the Global Prophetic Summit with Cindy Jacobs! Thousands of people were moved by their message and impacted by the work of ROS.

We want to send an extra thank you to everyone who sent funds that helped make the humanitarian trip possible.

Every time we receive a donation, we pray over it and ask for God’s blessing for that person and that He would provide all their needs according to His purpose for their lives. This is what we wish for all our partners.

To become a ministry partner, please visit our website at:


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