ROS Humanitarian Work Update in Sigy, Northern Iraq | Jan 2023

ROS partners,  this is ROS humanitarian work update in Sigy, Northern Iraq for January 2023

Our general practice and gynecology clinics have served the medical needs of over 70 patients. Our doctors also held a seminar to spread awareness on ways to boost immunity and how to use medications accordingly. We also distributed diapers to the needy in the area.

We also continued providing our regular services in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Ukraine, and new beginnings in Kenya.

To partner with us on this work, we encourage you to visit our website at: ‏

Or visit the following links:

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‎‏Venmo : @Yvette-Isaac-1

‎‏Cash App : $roadsofsuccess

‎‏Zelle : (626)359-2537

To donate from Egypt please call: 01277442697

ROS Humanitrian work in Northern iraq ROS Clinic in Northern Iraq Sigy, Northern Iraq ROS Northern Iraq Clinic ROS humanitarian clinic


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