ROS Humanitarian work in Northern Iraq

ROS Humanitarian work in Northern Iraq

It was impossible for the Road of Success (ROS) team to stare transfixed to the cry of the Iraqi’s and the displaced people. Over the past years, the number of the forcibly displaced people has been doubled, and people flee in thousands due to conflicts, repression, persecution, destitution, and natural disasters. However the majority are Internally Displaced People (IDPSs).

Such crisis jeopardizes the well-being and health of thousand lives in Northern Iraq. Therefore, we provided medical assistance to ease the suffering and save lives in their treacherous journeys. Our medical team is made up of many professional health consultants, guided by medical principals and ethics.

In Northern Iraq, we treat patients suffering from a wide array of disease and health needs. So far, we were able to :

  • Treat over 62 patients at our clinic in Northern Iraq
  • Provide comprehensive medical services to 15 women who were examined by our gynecologists, and all necessary medication and vitamins were given.
  • Plan to provide weekly medical services to an average of 350 young men and women.
  • Provide psychological sessions to the displaced people in the Kurdistan region in Northern Iraq.
  • Provide medical assistance to women in  the women’s clinic and the family doctor’s clinic.
  • Distribute free medicines to 49 displaced and refugee patients.

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