ROS Humanitarian Trip in Lebanon 13th of October Update

ROS Humanitarian Trip in Lebanon

Our dear partners, thank you so much for your support.
Today, We want to share with you the news of the humanitarian trip in Lebanon:

Over the last few days, we set up mobile clinics in the Kurdish Church and the Church of Rich Life in Bourj Hammoud where our medical team, accompanied by Dr. Yvette El-Bayadi, received more than 500 patients.

Most of our patients were mainly women and children.
Our medical team included an ophthalmologist, a gynaecologist, a psychiatrist,
a physiotherapist, and a general practitioner.

Free medications were distributed by our medical staff to all patients in need.
We also paid special service visits to 16 Syrian and Armenian refugee families.

The visits included spiritual services and the distribution of food rations for each family.
Sunday schools services were conducted for children and a special program for the clown uncle Kombush was included. We also distributed books and gifts to all children after providing them with some much -needed quality time of fun and happiness.
Please mention us in your prayers so that we can truly fulfil the purpose of this mission; according to the heart of God.

To be part of these events, donate now at the following link:

Today, we are going to be leaving going to Kurdistan. So please pray for the team and pray for Lebanon.

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