ROS Highlights of 2023

Community Development Center in Tartous – Syria

We are grateful for the partnership with the Community Development Center in Tartous, Syria. Together, we conducted a project to empower 110 Syrian women affected by the earthquake. Through workshops and lectures led by specialists, the project provided psychological support to help them heal from the trauma they experienced. Additionally, professional training courses in sewing, hairstyling and beauty, cooking, and pastry making equipped them with valuable skills to generate income for their families during these challenging times.

 Distribution of School Bags (Syria and Lebanon)

Distribution of School Bags (Syria and Lebanon)

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped bring a smile to the faces of children in Syria and Lebanon. Our partners in both countries played a vital role in spreading cheer among a large number of school children.

In Lebanon, we provided school bags to families of Syrian refugees, offering a small token of support during their difficult circumstances. In Syria, children in Tartous received juices, snacks, and a fun celebration to lift their spirits amidst the ongoing challenges.

 Distribution of School Bags

New children playground at Roads of Success medical center  in Kurdistan region – Northern Iraq

To improve the experience for patients, our medical center has added a new playground for children. Families can enjoy this space on designated days while regular medical services continue throughout the week. We offer comprehensive care with a family doctor and gynecologist, including free medication distribution. Additionally, we provide ongoing health awareness lectures for all family members.
New children playground at Roads of Success medical center in Kurdistan region - Northern Iraq

Sending humanitarian Container to Syria

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners in Hong Kong, a shipment of essential supplies reached Syria. The container included blankets, clothing, toys for children, and school supplies. Upon arrival at the port of Latakia, our Syrian service partners, along with local organizations from Homs and its suburbs, distributed the aid to those in need. This joint effort benefitted roughly nine thousand families.
Sending humanitarian Container to Syria

 Sending humanitarian Shipment to Displaced Persons in Kurdistan region Northern Iraq:

Shipment consisting of 24 pallets weighing approximately 12,400 kilograms of shoes, blankets, children’s toys, clothes, and medical supplies was sent to displaced persons and refugees  in Kurdistan region northern Iraq.

Sending humanitarian Shipment to Displaced Persons in Kurdistan region Northern Iraq-

Supporting the Earthquake Victims in Syria

In partnership with our partners in Syria, we extended our support to our Syrian brothers and sisters in cities like Aleppo and Damascus. We distributed food packages, blankets, and mattresses to aid those who lost their homes in the Syrian earthquake.

Supporting the Earthquake Victims in Syria

Easter and Christmas Celebrations with Children in Egypt, Syria, Northern Iraq, Lebanon, and Kenya:

Throughout this year, our team in various countries celebrated Easter and Christmas with children, distributing gifts to a total of 1000 boys and girls. Alongside these festivities, we delivered spiritual messages aimed at nurturing the values and ethics of the new generation. Despite the challenges posed by war and economic hardship in these regions, the smiles of the children encouraged us to persevere.

Easter and Christmas Celebrations with Children in Egypt, Syria, Northern Iraq, Lebanon, and Kenya:

 Support for the Health Center in Safat Al-Laban – Minya

We partnered with the medical center affiliated with new methodist Church in the city of Safat Al-Laban in Minya. This partnership has helped sustain the center in providing medical services to those in need throughout the week. Additionally, we donated an X-ray machine for the dental clinic to enhance clinic services.

 Support for the Health Center in Safat Al-Laban - Minya

 Support the Sudanese Refugees in Egypt

Our team in Egypt launched a medical relief effort and provided humanitarian assistance to Sudanese women escaping the violence of civil war. Mattresses, food, and blankets were distributed to all families when they arrived in Cairo. The team included six doctors with a range of specializations who offered free medical check-ups and dispensed medications to over 400 people.

Support the Sudanese Refugees in Egypt

Distribution humanitarian Aid in Egypt

Blankets in Upper Egypt: Amid the severe winter conditions in Upper Egypt, blankets were distributed at the Church of village of 7 in Minya. Additionally, the Virtuous Women’s ministry collaborated with the Evangelical Church in Nasr City to distribute blankets to many families served by the church.
Distribution humanitarian Aid in Egypt

Food Basket Distribution to Needy Families

On the occasion of Christmas, food baskets were distributed at the Baptist Church in Fikria, Minya, and in Alexandria, in partnership with our partners there.


 Distribution of School Bags

The ministry team in Egypt distributed school bags, along with school supplies and shoes, to approximately 300 children in the village of 7 in Minya and at the Baptist Church in Fikria, Minya. The distribution was accompanied by spiritual service and a festival for the children.

 Distribution of School Bags

Professional and Psychological Support for Women

From November 24th to 27th, the Virtuous Women’s ministry conducted several activities in Village 7 in Minya, focusing on professional and psychological support for women. These activities included:

Women’s Meetings

Engaging 125 women, these sessions addressed prevalent psychological and social concerns, including extreme poverty, early marriage (from ages 12 to 14), Drug Addiction and physical abuse. Woolen scarves were distributed to participants as a gesture of encouragement.

Home Visits

The team conducted home visits to discuss their message and offer support to the families. Additionally, they organized three informational meetings specifically for women, attracting around 250 to 300 attendees.

Medical Cases

Eleven medical cases were assisted this year in Egypt for those in need.

Medical Cases

 Support for Various Services in Egypt

Support was provided to Sun of Righteousness Orphanage for Disabled Children and Sadek El-Tifl Orphanage. Additionally, assistance was extended to a program supporting prisoners, affiliated with the Catholic Church in Minya.


    The UK Government’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict International Conference : 

Jacqueline Isaac took part in the  groundbreaking Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Conference in London, where she not only chaired a session on localized implementation of the Declaration of Humanity but also invited survivors to speak to government delegates about their needs for the future. The Conference opened with powerful addresses by Lord Tariq Ahmed and Actress Angelina Jolie, a longtime champion of the cause to combat CRSV. Attendees at the Conference included prominent leaders, royalty, government officials and survivors from conflicts in Africa, Ukraine, the Middle East and Colombia.

    The UK Government’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict International Conference : 

Justice and Prosecutions of Perpetrators

The benefits of the Declaration have extended beyond just survivors; stigma against the innocent children born of rape has also decreased. Modi Elinama Karanga, a brave survivor, shared with a group of other women how she suffered rape during the war in Ikpiro. But now, thanks to psychosocial support, her daughter born of the rape is grown and is happy, she believes in her own dignity, and she is happy.

While empowering attitude changes like this are remarkable, the project has also shown itself in the numbers:

Survivors of gender-based violence have been able to speak out because of the Declaration. This has resulted in 64 cases being reported to the police. Eleven of these cases have been concluded by the court, with those convicted in rape cases being sentenced to up to 13 years in prison.

Survivors’ Event with Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: 

The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg – in conjunction with the organizations “Stand Speak Rise UP!”, the City of Biarritz, and the Panzi Hospital and Foundation – hosted this evening to bring together those working at the forefront of combatting CRSV. At this event, Jacqueline had the opportunity to engage in 1 on 1 dialogue with Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Mukwege, and United Nations Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten, among others. Building on her expert knowledge and prior advocacy work, Jacqueline was an ambassador for the Declaration of Humanity and intersectionality of Women in FoRB, promoting both initiatives as critical to preventing CRSV. MERCI The event held space for Yazidi survivor Ekhlas Bajoo (second from right) and a Ukrainian survivor of CRSV (second from left) to personally meet with the attending experts. Since the event, SRSG Pramila confirmed her office’s support for the Declaration, which is now posted on the SRSG website, significantly increasing its visibility. Additionally, Dr. Mukwege – 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Winner “for his global efforts to end the use of rape as a weapon of war” is now considering signing the Declaration.

 Justice and Prosecutions of Perpetrators

 Worldwide Advocacy for the Declaration of Humanity

 Worldwide Advocacy for the Declaration of Humanity

The Declaration of Humanity, to end stigma for survivors of sexual violence in conflict, is now impacting Egypt, Sudan, and Kenya. The Declaration has been shared with key government leaders such as Her Excellency First Lady Ruto of the Republic of Kenya as well as religious leaders such as Archbishop Samy Fawzi of the Anglican Church serving in the dioceses of Egypt, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Gambella, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church and other religious leaders across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.



     A New Educational Portal

We have expanded viewership and engagement by airing messaging on ending stigma and preventing sexual violence in conflict via satellite television reaching millions of Arabic speaking people.

In addition, our team has developed a new online educational portal called Women of FoRB featuring the Declaration of Humanity and success stories of the implementation of its action points worldwide ( which also implements AI educational videos. The Women of FoRB Educational Portal provides us with actionable tools to strengthen women of faith and belief worldwide, including those who have survived sexual violence in conflict, showcasing the courage, resilience, and hope of these women (as well as those supporting them).

       Animation Series and AI

 Animation Series and AI
ROS has developed an animation series to teach about the principles of the Declaration of Humanity and role of women to reach freedom of religion and belief. The power of education has been a guiding principle of RoS’ work in 2022 and today, as exemplified in the launch of our Educational Portal. But not everyone learns the same way. A series like this harnesses the power of illustrative animation to reach people through traditional and social media. It captures people’s attention on social media among all the other content that is out there.

 Media: 26 Seconds-ISIS Sex Slaves- A Documentary 

 Our work is now being featured in a powerful documentary called “26 Seconds-ISIS Sex Slaves” which is reaching millions of viewers. This documentary delivers a compelling and emotional journey, raises awareness, and challenges each of us to stand up for innocent women and children ALL around the world. This is a timely reminder of the value of vigilance in the fight for freedom.

See link below to watch:


With thousands of Sudanese refugees in Egypt fleeing the conflict in Sudan, many of which endured sexual violence, our Roads of Success team traveled to Egypt to provide emergency response for survivors. In addition to holding empowerment, education workshops and providing humanitarian aid for Sudanese survivors, we met with high level religious leaders who have now signed the Declaration of Humanity and/or have committed to implement its action points.

          Meeting with His Holiness Pope Tawadros

Kenya and Chad: Refugee Survivors of Sexual Violence in Conflict 

 Our mission to help Sudanese and Somali refugee survivors, is now expanding into Kenya and Chad.  Our team recently traveled to Kenya on an aid mission under the leadership and partnership of Her Excellency First Lady Ruto of the Republic of Kenya who is committed to implementing the action points of the Declaration of Humanity. In 2024, the Roads of Success team will travel to Kenya once again to hold group meetings with religious leaders, empowerment workshops for survivors and provide necessary aid through our humanitarian assistance.


Humanitarian Trips

Feb 2023


Visit to Refugee Camps in KABARTO and Clinic in Sigi

During the visit, our team distributed essential items, including clothes, shoes, diapers, and blankets to the residents of the refugee camps in KABARTO camp and Sigi village.

Mission to Refugee Camps in KABARTO and Clinic in Sigi

As part of our commitment to holistic support, we engaged in a meeting with the Minister of Health. This collaborative effort is essential to ensure a coordinated response to the health-related challenges faced by the communities we serve.

As part of our commitment to holistic support, we engaged in a meeting with the Minister of Health. This collaborative effort is essential to ensure a coordinated response to the health-related challenges faced by the communities we serve.


Earthquake Relief in Adiyamen, Turkey

In response to the devastating earthquake in Adiyamen, Turkey, our team conducted a mission to provide essential aid to the affected population, including both Turkish survivors and Syrian refugees.

We successfully delivered aid to survivors, including crucial provisions such as food, blankets, mattresses, and winter clothes.

Assistance to Syrian Refugees

In addition to aiding Turkish survivors, our mission extended support to Syrian refugees who had escaped the civil war and were now residing in a shelter camp

Assistance to Syrian Refugees


Humanitarian Assistance to Families

During our visit, we engaged directly with Syrian refugee families. we provided vital aid, addressing essential needs and enhancing the well-being of those facing hardships.

Empowering Through Education

As part of our commitment to education and empowerment, we visited and financially supported a vocational training school for girls. This initiative aims to equip young women with skills that open doors to economic independence, fostering resilience and self-reliance.

Healthcare Support

Our mission extended to a sponsored clinic, where we aimed to enhance healthcare accessibility for low-income families. Financial support to the clinic ensures that basic healthcare needs are met, contributing to the overall welfare of the community.

Humanitarian Assistance to Families

May 2023


In response to a devastating earthquake in Antakya/Hatay, we initiated a second mission to facilitate recovery and provide essential support such as including food, water, clothing, and blankets, addressing immediate needs in the aftermath of the earthquake. to the affected communities. The mission extended its reach to Istanbul, Antakya, Adiyaman, and Kahramanmaras, with a primary focus on serving camps with a high concentration of Syrian refugees.

The relief efforts made a profound impact on the lives of those affected, offering not only tangible resources but also a sense of hope and resilience during a challenging time.


Oct 2023


 Visited projects and poor areas of women and kids in different cities as:

Kibera, Nairobi

where the center serves as a school for 149 children and a sanctuary for orphans, women running crafts workshops, hair salons, and food kiosks.


We supported a shelter for street children managed by a Christian ministry. Provided long-term food supplies and gifted 152 new pairs of shoes addressing critical needs.

Likii special school

Visited a school for children with special needs. Financial assistance helped clear school debts and ensured a steady supply of food and medication for the students.

Mombasa – Kilifi

Explored the Care Center in Mombasa, providing daily sustenance to children from Kilifi Village schools.

Egyptian Coptic mission and Hospital

We met Bishop Paul and visited the Coptic hospital, understanding


 North of Iraq Kurdistan Region

 During our impactful visit to the Kurdistan Region of Northern Iraq, we express gratitude for the following achievements:

Engaging with Officials

Met with key officials and decision-makers in the health department and Dohuk Governorate. Explored plans for the upcoming phase, focusing on supporting healthcare services for Syrian refugees and Yazidis in Dohuk city camps.

Medical Mission to Camps

Conducted a medical mission in Gawlan and Domiz Syrian refugee camps. Provided free medical examinations Distributed essential medications and offered aid such as footwear, clothing, diapers, and toys to widowed families.

Visit to Sygi Village

Explored the organization’s medical center in Sygi village. Witnessed ongoing medical services and aid distribution.

Bridges Ensemble:

In 2023, Bridges Ensemble, an acoustic group, captivated audiences at Norco College with two Middle Eastern concerts in May and December. Renowned for their soulful music, they introduced humanitarian songs, blending traditional Middle Eastern rhythms with a deep, empathetic message, creating a profoundly moving and culturally-rich experience.

Bridges Ensemble:

Speaking engagement

Deborahs United Conferenc

 Yvette Isaac inspired women at the Deborahs United Conference, challenging them to identify the thief of joy in their lives and instead to rely on God, noting that when they make the choice, God makes the change. In acknowledgement of all Yvette does in the Middle East, Cindy Jacobs presented Yvette with an award. For a video of Yvette’s remarks.

Deborahs United Conferenc

“We connect the people who have needs with the people who have hearts”
so we thank you for your big hearts which have opened to those in need. None of our work would be possible without your support, so for that, we thank you. We are always looking to expand our impact and we can’t do it alone
your continued partnership is vital to our success.

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