Robert Thornton Testimony

Robert Thornton Testimony – Volunteer at Roads of Success

From a warrior for the Untied Stated Marine to a warrior for humanity


“Prior to coming here … instead of loading materials of good and help, we are loading materials of destruction such as tanks, weapons, guns … nothing but intend to kill.” 

Robert Thornton

Robert Thornton, who used to serve in the United States Marine corps, turned to be a volunteer for ROS to save and transform lives. In the midst of the tragic toll of war, images of death and destruction as well as families’ annihilation, Thornton expressed solidarity to help put an end to the aggravated suffering and consequences of war in Iraq. 

What a miracle to turn from being an agent of death to an agent of life and a messenger of God’s love to humankind. For that purpose, Thornton volunteered in packing 31 ballets of goods to be shipped to Iraq in order to help people better their lives as well as giving them a sense of hope and faith that there is something better than what they are experiencing in this moment in time. The battle contains wheelchairs, bikes, diapers, and shoes among hundreds of other things. 

“Instead of taking life, we are actually giving life and extending it to those

in need. To me that’s toll of flipping of the coin. Instead of preparing

for destruction, we are trying to heal and make things better… we shouldn’t

be fighting, we should be loving each other, and care of each other”


The testimony of Thornton is an urgent message for today. The number of IDPs and refuges is in a staggering increase, and in desperate need for food, medicine and shelter. To be an agent of life in such dark moments is challenging, yet an honor. Remember that actions, physical presence, and words can bring positive difference in people’s lives. 


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