Recent visit to our team in Kurdistan, Iraq

During the first part of December of 2019, some of our team members from the US went to Kurdistan to see our students and on the ground operations in Iraq. Yvette Isaac, ROS president and founder, Emily Shaffer, our Creative Direction Intern, along with a few of our supporters went to Erbil, Iraq to connect with our team in Iraq. Arriving just 2 months after the Turkish attacks in northeastern Syria, we got to see first hand the devastation that had ensued with Kurdish Syrians fleeing into northern Iraq. We went to a refugee camp outside of Dohuk where tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds had made a temporary home. Many were in need of medical attention so we have hired doctors and team members to help in this time of need. We were also able to help with distributing winter clothes which will always be a need for that region as they experience very cold winters. With the support of local Kurdish news stations, the Dohuk health department, and church leaders, our clinic in Sigy Camp was officially opened. This clinic will serve the surrounding community, along with providing classes to children who aren’t currently in school, and a turf soccer field available for the whole town to use. The donations you give go directly to each of these ministries on the ground in Iraq. Thank you so much for all who give!

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