Pray for Lebanon!

In the last few days, the situation in Lebanon has been spiraling out of control towards escalating violence that is threatening to lead to civil war. It is an agony to see the utter expressions of sorrow and pain, crying, and beating chests.

The unprecedented crisis is due to the compound effects of Beirut blast, economic collapse, and COVID-19 pandemic. This is alongside political corruption and mismanagement crisis response. Such crisis occurs on a background of turbulent history and complex regional geopolitical context including the Syrian refugee crisis, and ongoing influence of foreign actors.

The Road of Success can hear the screaming voices of the grieving families and stunned victims with the screeching sirens of ambulances. We are, also, told about the smell of the smoking ruins.  We can also see the chaos of divisions, powerlessness of leaders, corruption, and the surge of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Please pray for Lebanon, pray for:

  • A mother who suffers the lack of food and shelter
  • A mother who can’t afford medication for her children’s treatment
  • An intervention to end the shedding of innocent blood
  • A extinguishing the pain from the hearts who mourn the death of loved ones
  • Gifts of compassion and peace upon Lebanon and its people
  • Intervention to rekindle the light of hope in a land plagued by sever economic and political crisis

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