July 2022 Highlights

July has been a busy month at Roads of Success as we have continued to raise awareness and partake in advocacy for victims of war, while also providing practical, life-giving relief and support to those most in need. Your support has allowed us to do the following: 


Advocacy and Awareness

  • International Ministerial Conference on Freedom of Religion or Belief – July 5- 6, 2022: President of Roads of Success, Dr. Yvette Isaac, and Jacqueline Isaac (VP) were able to raise awareness of the plight of innocents in war-torn regions who are subjected to sexual violence by chairing a panel at the UK’s recent conference on freedom of religion hosted by the UK Government in London.
  • Deborahs United Conference – July 14-16, 2022: Yvette Isaac inspired women at the Deborahs United Conference, challenging them to identify the thief of joy in their lives and instead to rely on God, noting that when they make the choice, God makes the change. In acknowledgement of all Yvette does to serve Christians in the Middle East, Cindy Jacobs presented Yvette with an award. For a video of Yvette’s remarks.
  • Content Creation: During the month of July, we produced new episodes of our English program, The Prophetic Highway, which airs on Creation TV in Hong Kong. We also produced new episodes of our Arabic program, The Virtuous Woman, which has a life changing motto “ I make the choice and God makes the change”, encouraging women to make choices, as well as one live program of From Heart to Heart, in addition to 15 short spots and small clips.


Humanitarian Aid

  • Ukraine: Your support allowed us to provide tangible support to war victims in Ukraine. We sent our second shipment this month, providing 25,000 lbs (11,000 kgs) of clothing, shoes, diapers, and infant supplies. Please join us in praying that the shipment would reach the families affected by the war who are in dire need. For more details, you can watch the .video.
  • Duhok, Northern Iraq: ROS had the privilege to partner with Light of Life Ministry to provide new shoes to ISIS sex slaves survivors. The joy that the simple gift of shoes provided was amazing to see! Your support helped bring real joy and practical relief to those very much in need.
  • We were also able to distribute shoes to more than 250 barefoot children, protecting their feet from the scorching summer heat. We were able to continue our weekly medical clinic services for refugees and the displaced, offering them free, life-saving medical care.
  • Egypt: The team in Egypt was able to provide free spiritual, psychological, and medical services to 123 patients and provided sewing courses for 42 single women, widows, and others in need to equip them to start their own businesses, giving them financial stability. We also offer Egyptian youth a weekly online English language course using Zoom, to help them find a better job.



Our motto is, “We connect the people who have needs with the people who have hearts,” so we thank you for your big hearts which have opened to those in need. None of our work would be possible without your support, so for that, we thank you. We are always looking to expand our impact and we can’t do it alone – your continued partnership is vital to our success.


Please help expand our impact. To donate online, please click the donate button below or mail a cheque to:

Roads of Success

P.O. Box 944

Duarte CA 91010

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