Humanitarian Work in Lebanon & Northern Iraq

Humanitarian Work in Lebanon & Northern Iraq

The situation in Lebanon and Iraq is in an unprecedented collapse. Amidst the persisting political vacuum, everything is starting to disappear from the Iraqi and Lebanese market at an alarming rate. Further, with inflation and the ongoing deterioration of the currency, people who can afford to buy medication are stocking up. It is worrying and scary that food supply, gas, electricity are dwindling and hospitals are shutting down their doors due to the shortage of electricity and proper supplies. Therefore, people are dying because there is no medical service for thousands of people who are seeking humanitarian assistance to access healthcare services.

Our team at Roads of Success medical clinic is shattered hearted while witnessing this terrible condition. Hence, we are over-stretching our outreach by opening more clinics to provide reproductive healthcare and critical medical supplies. These clinics will see patients and dispense free medication and dry milk for children and adults to at least have the basics. The scene is desperate, with people lining up waiting for hours just to buy bread and fill a tin can with gas.


As you receive this update we are planning and packing with a team from Egypt and America to bring hope to vulnerable Lebanese and Iraqis in need of life saving inpatient medical care. War-torn churches have partnered with us to build three new clinics, one for women, one for children, and one for general needs.

We need all and any kind of donations. Please help us send our Roads of Success medical mission and stress-relief team back to Lebanon and Iraq this month. It is time to run the clinics and engage healthcare services to patients who are struggling to survive amid escalating stress and loss. 

Our budget for continuing in the process of connecting with resources on the ground to provide aid for various relief efforts is $40,000, and we must move now.

It’s critical that we get our team back to desperate refugee camps to renew the excellent start Roads of Success began. The team consists of 18 people including doctors, medical assistants, counselors, a clown, musicians, and stress-relief team.

Would you donate to our mobilization efforts to care for families in need?

Your help is making a difference!

The playground you funded earlier has actually dropped the suicide rate of the refugee camp. The steps which have been taken were for  near zero.1400 children who were falling apart with down hearts to use the playground for hours each day – they have something to live for as they play.

This mercy mission is collecting the needed budget, but we are in a dire need for a humanitarian response and a financial sustainability to pay for transportation and supplies as soon as possible. 

Would you join us in promoting and facilitating the achievement of our mission? What a joy to partner with you in bringing  peace and love to those who suffer during Lebanon and Northern Iraq’s collapse.

Support us to complete our funding drive by 25th of September 2021.

We are grateful that you took the time to consider this need and Donate Now!

Humanitarian Work in Lebanon & Northern Iraq




ROS Humanitarian Work in Lebanon & Northern Iraq


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