Humanitarian Trip to Kenya

We are profoundly grateful for your partnership during our inaugural humanitarian trip to Kenya, Africa. Your invaluable support has offered both material and emotional sustenance to countless children and adults in this beautiful country.

 In Kibera

 In Kibera

In Nairobi, we journeyed to the Kibera slum, the largest in Africa and the third largest globally. Here, we encountered a children’s center serving dual purposes: a school for 149 children and a sanctuary for some orphans. Our expedition led us to small business centers where industrious women ran crafts workshops, hair salons, and food kiosks – a testament to their resilience and spirit of enterprise.


In Isiolo, we were deeply moved by a shelter for street children managed by a Christian ministry. Through meeting the selfless pastor and numerous volunteers, we learned about their dedication to raising and nurturing 152 children, ingraining them with Christian values. By God’s grace and your benevolence, we could provide long-term food supplies for these young souls. Moreover, we managed to gift 152 new pairs of shoes to children who either lacked them or possessed dilapidated pairs, protecting them from ground worms that pose severe health risks.

Liki Special school

Liki Special school

Our journey took another inspiring turn when we visited a school for children with special needs. The unwavering faith of the leaders and teachers resonated deeply as they committed to enhancing these children’s mental abilities and self-worth through simple handicrafts. The sale of these crafts supports the institution and the children.

Upon their request, we were able to financially assist in clearing school debts and ensuring a steady supply of food and medication for the students

Mombasa – Kilifi

Mombasa - Kilifi

In Mombasa, we had the privilege of exploring the Care Center, which undertakes the noble task of feeding students from all Kilifi Village schools. The aim, as conveyed by the dedicated leaders and pastor, is to offer daily sustenance to children whose parents face economic challenges.

 The Egyptian Coptic Hospital

 The Egyptian Coptic Hospital

Our visit to the Egyptian Coptic hospital was enlightening as we spent moments with the bishop, absorbing insights on how God’s work is manifesting in Kenya. The climax of our trip was an audience with Kenya’s First Lady, who expressed her gratitude for our endeavors and explored continued collaboration avenues, including medical and humanitarian outreach from Egypt.
We extend our heartfelt thanks to each partner who played a part in  feeding ,clothing, and supporting Kenya’s children. May the Lord’s guiding light always illuminate your path, encouraging you to serve humanity wherever the need arises.

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Together, we can be a force for good in this world.

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