Humanitarian Response to the Middle East

Humanitarian Response to the Middle East:
As we celebrate our noble mission of helping people in war zone areas, we want to update you with our humanitarian operations in those areas:

Humanitarian Work in Northern Iraq

In Iraq, we strived to respond to the health care needs by establishing a medical clinic in the village of Sigy in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. The final renovations and maintenance on the clinic were finished in the finest manner possible, in order to ensure the adequate delivery of health services. Additionally, free medical treatment and products were provided by family doctors and gynaecologists to the needy displaced persons, and refugees in this region. Our mission is in line with the advocacy of David McCoy of Queen Mary University, London, who encourages thinking beyond the humanitarian lens to the link between health and peace, stating that “the health community has the legitimacy and mandate to work more upstream” on the prevention of violence and conflict.

Humanitarian Work in Egypt

Driven from the vision that women education is central to boosting development, and breaking the cycle of poverty, it was urgent to provide quality education for women and girls in the deprived areas. Hence, we are thrilled to announce the completion of the English language course, provided by ROS team. Your support helped in offering English classes with an American teacher over Zoom to 14 students. We believe that such education leads to a fairer, better, more productive lives as well as a profound economic impact. Learning English is an invaluable skill, which will help them get a step up in the job market and provide them with more opportunities for financial stability. 

In addition to the fact that educating women and girls is a human right, empowering women contributes to reducing poverty and inequality as well as strengthening democratic citizenship in the countries. Therefore, we have continued to help widows and others in need in order to gain financial freedom by offering them a free sewing training course. The skills they learn help them start profitable businesses, which allow them to provide financially for themselves and their children, and this week we were able to train another 10 women! 

Humanitarian Work in Syria

In Syria, we would like to express our special gratitude to our local partners for their help in distributing new humanitarian aid containers which were sent from Hong Kong. Their outstanding support enabled us to put special attention to the management of supplies. They contributed in distributing blankets, school supplies, clothes and shoes to approximately 3,000 IDPs and refugees in the cities of Homs, Hama and Al-Karama camp. Distribution is still underway in Damascus and Al-Suwaida. May the Lord bless everyone who contributed in sending this container in order to draw smiles of joy and happiness on the faces of the needy families and children in this region.

Donations compete for storage and transport facilities that may be in short supply. Our motto is, “We connect the people who have needs with the people who have hearts” and we feel so blessed that you have opened your heart to our cause.

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